Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some more photos


Some people have asked for more photos of what it looks like, so here we go. First up is a look at the work area - I have the 3 benches lined up side by side now with one under a roof beam for those occaisions when there's some separation involved. My 851 is sitting around waiting for some attention, but that might have to wait until the dyno is up and running - so I can use it for development without having to leave the premises, being unregistered and all.

Next is a view from the same-ish position as the
photo from 30/12/2008. Certainly a bit more
filled in now (some may say organised), with a
shelving unit partly blocking the view. It's
certainly starting to look the part.

Finally, a look at the dyno room. Or, as it stands,
a 2m by 4m contained mess area. All it's waiting for is some
walls, roof, ducting and software. Not sure where the mess will go when it's dyno time, but I'm slowly purging myself of the collected crap.
I'm really keen to get this running, but as usual the affairs of state must take precedence over the affairs of state.

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