Monday, March 25, 2013

Adjustable cam pullies for Ducati

I received some adjustable cam pullies today from MADASL in the UK.  I had sent Mark all the original pullies I could find that came from the days when we fitted the Vee Two adjustable pullies.  Mark modifies them to make them adjustable, which suits my love of recycling just fine.

I have 16 in total, 2 round tooth aluminium (originally 916/996SPS), 10 round tooth steel and 4 square tooth steel (pre 98 400, 500, 600, 650 and 750).

The thing I really like about them is that, unlike the Vee Two pullies, you can drill holes through them to fix settings.  I did this to a pair of Vee Two ones years ago for the 750 motor in Minnie, but because they have lightening holes in the back section, drilling them usually leads into air.  I drilled a lot of holes to get two that were usable.  These MADASL pullies have a solid section between the slots on the toothed section and the centre piece is solid.  So you can fix a setting, drill a hole, then fix another setting and drill again.  Up to 4 times.  Woo hoo.  Well, if you want to play with timing on the dyno, track or anywhere else anyway.

Prices per pair, including GST and postage Australia wide: round tooth aluminium $200, round tooth steel $170, square tooth steel $170.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Acewell dash mount plate for Ducati Monster

I recently fitted an Acewell ACE-3963 dash to a 2005 M400ie, and as part of the install had some mounting plates cut.  I got 10 for my minimum design and set up charge, so have 9 left to try to recoup a little of the money the job cost me.  I'll detail the drama later.

They're laser cut from stainless steel plate, with hole spacing to suit both early and late Monsters.  The early carb models will need the holes enlarged, currently they're 5mm to suit the ie model mountings.  $40 each as is.  I really don't want to invest any more time in them, so they're flat and raw.  As fitted, the last one was bent and polished.