Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Once again, Minnie finds herself without a motor

It's in the box! 

She almost got lucky with the 400SS motor yesterday, but then some idiot decided to give it a leakdown test, exposing an exhaust valve not doing a great job of sealing, and some rings that couldn't be called great team players.

 I'll do a post on building a shipping crate to fit a 2V motor at some point.  I've even got a cutting list.

The 400SS has a similarly forlorn look about it, slumming it with nothing, but the old 600 cases I've had kicking around for years to hold it together.

Christmas Trading Hours

(or lack thereof). 

Monday December 22nd is my last day in the factory until Monday January 19th.

Current "next booking spot' is around March 14 or so, I forget now.

To quote Vicki Smith:

Here's wishing that whatever you celebrate, and however you choose to do
it, that it's everything you hoped for.
Happy Holidays everybody!