Friday, April 29, 2016

Danmoto SS-00001 Harley Davidson mufflers fitted to the Monster

I finally made a real effort to get these fitted.  I'd had a few looks at brackets, but then decided to do what I'm usually very reluctant to do, and go the cut.  I should do it more often, it was a rather liberating feeling.  I cut off the rear mounts, leaving the front ones for a cleaner look.  Then, using the steel pieces that come with the mufflers, I cut and drilled as required to make them work as brackets.  Followed by a quick bead blast, etch prime and paint, they were ready to go.  You can hardly see them in the photos, which is a good thing I guess.

You can see the offset mounts in the bottom two photos, one of the reasons it took me so long to make them work.  Like Hunnybunny, I have a thing for symmetry.  And, obviously, it's not Minnie.  This 900 was on the bench for other work, and I had tried previously fitting the Danmoto Jisu muffler set I have to it, ending in dismal failure.  The aluminium swingarm this M900S (98 I think) has is 15mm wider overall than the M600 steel swingarm, and I just couldn't get the Jisu mufflers to go anywhere near clearing.

There's a video at the end.  They're louder in real life (or is my laptop just too quiet, maybe it's a conceptual thing).  After riding and standing next to it, I'd put them at the higher end of the open muffler range I would think.

It's good to see them fitted.  It was a fair bit of agro to get this far, especially getting the muffler pipes made up.  Maybe only a bend and two flares, but getting people to understand what you want can be hard some times.

And then, of course, I started thinking about maybe using some much shorter muffler pipes and mounting the mufflers further forward.  Next time.

It does indeed go to 11

I took Minnie down to Dynobike this week after I had some time to fill in due to a no show, which went rather unexpectedly very badly.

It appears Minnie is inhabited by some sort of poltergeist, the kind that enjoys messing with dyno control systems.  The inductive pick up, used to read engine speed, was registering (albeit not accurately enough to be useful) that the engine was running while being a metre from the bike.  We tried some non rpm runs, but the air/fuel readings were going nuts and occasionally the screens would drop out.  And then the dyno decided it was too cold.

We did get a couple of "power vs rear wheel speed" runs, but because Minnie doesn't have the tacho fitted, I really don't know how many rpm she was doing.  I did see that Dave had already had a couple of M400 in.  One of them, labelled as a 2003 so it may have been an ie, put down 37hp at 11,000 rpm.  I had assumed that the claim of max power at 11,000 rpm was rubbish, but it would seem I was wrong.  Again.

So, first dyno chart for Minnie as a 400: 41hp.  I'm looking forward to getting the tacho fitted so I can watch as I ride.  I'm pretty sure that I haven't gone over 7 or so as yet.

As an indicator, this is the 2003 model with rpm.