Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ultimap - Fuel Injected Motorcycles

As some of you will know, Ultimap (formerly Fuel Injected Motorcycles) has closed down. This means there are no more new U59 ECU, Ultimap diagnostics or eproms apart from those dealers around the world have in stock. None. Nada. Ziparooni. I know of one person in the USA with a new U59 to sell if anyone wants one - I will forward details to him if you are serious.

A few people have rung or emailed me and told me that I'm apparently the new Ultimap person. This is not true. While Duane Mitchell and I have had a close working relationship over the last 14 or so years and became good friends through it, I haven't bought his business. Nor do I have a hot line to Duane should you have an issue with a U59 you need fixed. To get service on the U59 you need to follow the directions on the U59 web site.

Nor can I tell you how to contact Duane apart from his website, suffice to say he is now doing something else.

I can supply eproms to suit quite a few applications, and will be updating my eprom listing very soon. But I cannot and will not be selling Ultimap brand eproms, as I don't own them.

I hope that clarifies things a little.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Into the second month

The second month of operation! I'm getting myself much more sorted, although the factory is still lacking the finishing touches. My plan to be 100% set up and done before I started had to give way to "Oh my, where's all the money gone?" But you get that. Now I'm looking forward to the quiet times to get some more setting up done. Being on your own does have some limitations too - you look around and think "Hmmm, how am I going to do that?"

I have eftpos and credit card facilities now too, which is how I would guess is nearly all payments will be made. Certainly makes it a lot easier than carrying lots of cash around.

Some reading this may have found a business card on their bike at the Phillip Island WSBK meeting - myself and currently non monster owner Rohan (Spider) walked around the pit side of the track and put out as many cards as we could on anything applicable with VIC rego. We had to drive down due to neither of us having a bike to ride - mine not running, his stolen a few months ago. Unfortunately Rohan didn't get to see much of his first race meeting, being too busy dropping cards. Maybe next year we'll get down there for fun.

I had a rather odd experience today - deciding not to go out on a bike because it was raining (it doesn't rain too much in Melbourne these days!) . I didn't fancy piloting someone else's 175Hp on a wet road.

Apart from that it's been the usual work - so far I've had a fairly even mix of brands and jobs, with probably Aprilia SXV's being the most represented at this point. At some point I might even get around to fixing Minnie. I'm picking up a shop trailer tomorrow so will be able to get her in and park her in a corner. Actually, there's no corners for parking in I don't think. Perhaps I need to clean one out for her.