Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ducati Supersport mufflers carburettor models vs ie

I took some photos of Supersport mufflers to give a comparison of what will fit what and how.  The models compared here are 1990 to 1997 900SS (carburettor) and 1998 - 2007 620, 750, 800, 900 and 1000SSie.  All the SSie mufflers are the same.  The 1990 to 1997 900SS mufflers are the same as the 851 from 1989 onwards, so they're more correctly 851 mufflers.  The 888 mufflers also fit, and I believe they were fitted to some 900SS/SP that went only to the USA (generally).

As a note, the 1991 - 1997 750SS mufflers are unique, due to the header pipe size.

The 851 muffler is 100mm diameter, the 888 muffler 110mm from memory, and the 888 muffler doesn't have a removable end baffle like the 851 muffler.

In this comparison, we have a Ducati Performance (by Remus) muffler to suit SSie at the top and a polished 851 muffler at the bottom.

SSie muffler fitted to 851, as I didn't have a 900SS to hand

851/900SS muffler fitted to 750SSie.  The muffler was almost touching the swingarm at the leading edge of the canister.

Top view of SSie muffler (bottom) on 851, showing how much longer they are overall.