Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Booking lead time, parts and a Laverda

Even though it's the middle of winter here I'm getting about a 2 week lead time for bookings. So please keep this in mind if planning some work. I can often fit in a small job (ie, 1 hour or so), but precedence always goes to booked in work.

I'll have an expanded products page up very soon, with mostly Ducati parts - lightweight steel clutch baskets, Barnett clutch packs, changeover 4V opening rockers - and the generic efi fuel filter that suits most BMW, Ducati and MV and some Guzzi and Aprilias. While I'm not trying to start a large parts business, it does help to move more of the regulars where possible. Especially when I can offer bits at better prices.

I've got something different in at the moment - a Laverda Formula 650. I think that's what it is, it hasn't got any bodywork at this point. I haven't worked on one before, but it seems pretty straight forward, if a little unusual. Apparently an excellent handling bike, it's cetainly specced up chassis wise with WP at both ends and Brembo floating cast iron discs. And a big fabricated aluminium fuel tank under the seat, which looks surprisingly 'one off' for a production bike. Hopefully I'll get to go for a ride on it when it's all back in one piece.

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