Sunday, November 8, 2009


When I started out Dave Ward at Moto Italia told me to take it slowly and not worry because before too long I'd be a little overrun. He was right. Compounding this is the fact that since I opened one of the Ducati dealers (Ducati Melbourne / Zagame) and a non authorsied shop (Bob Brown's Melbourne Desmo Centre) have closed. So I'm getting quite a bit of Ducati work and a surprising amount of Guzzi work (compared to what we used to get at Moto One). Which is good, but it's putting my skills at things other than working on bikes to the test. It's amazing how some days you can lose a few hours doing seemingly nothing, even though you don't stop.

Nothing new to report playing wise, as much of the work I've been doing lately has been service based. Which is good. Turnover is the word many would use. I'm hopefully heading to the dyno tomorrow morning for a little play with a 955'd 916SP, as long as I can get there before it gets too hot. First time I've been there for a while, and still no closer to getting my own dyno going - too busy it seems. It's hard to complain about not having time to do that sort of thing, but is frustrating just the same.

I do have one new report set to be up soon - a 996SPS with heads by CJS in the UK. Running 748R inlet cams and a Akropovic 45 - 60mm tapered system (I think they call it that) it went rather nicely. 142hp, with a std SPS making 124 or so on this dyno as the comparitor. Certainly looks nice from 7,000 rpm upward, although being a track bike I didn't get to ride it so don't know how it felt.

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