Monday, March 29, 2010

New hope for Digiplex owners

I got an email today from a fellow named Craig in Sydney who has a Moto Guzzi Sport 1100 (carburetor model) which is fitted with a Marelli Digiplex ignition unit. Craig tried an Ignitech TCIP4 unit without success, but is now running a unit from Cliff Jefferies. Cliff sells the "myecu" replacement 1.6M, P8 and 1.5M ecus and has branched out into this as well. More info on Cliff's stuff here -

Ian Gowanloch also had some new Ducati Digiplex units for sale, not sure if he has any more. Ian is selling some of his massive collection of bits on ebay under the name italsparesducati. He has lots of older Ducati stuff as well, from single to bevel, Pantah and late 80's 851 and 906. Well worth keeping an eye on if you're into that sort of thing.

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