Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Computer issues, booking lead time, general whining, etc

My laptop is currently throwing a hissy fit, which means I can't use my normal email and I can't invoice anything.  I will be checking emails, but only replying to those that are immediately important.  Or interesting.  Can't define interesting, but if it appeals to me I'll respond.

Which is also based on how much the work on the benches is getting me down and my need for a distraction.  I'm currently finding myself in one of those "can't get anything finished" ruts.  I have a 906 Paso that was a simple starter clutch replacement.  Turned out it had a cooling system half full of mud, now it's water pumps seals and impeller (which can be hard to find) and more.  This sort of thing happens more often than not and it shoots my scheduling to pieces.

It seems to happen in runs.  I'll get a month of nice, simple services where everything works as it should.  The odd chain and sprockets or steering head beaings thrown in, but all easy and generally bits on the shelf, etc.  To the point where my system of booking no more than 3 days of work a week begins to leave me with nothing to do.  The bikes come in, get worked on and leave.  I love the "leave" bit.  It also means I get paid, but that's not so much the issue.

Then it all goes pear shaped.  Machine shops taking weeks to do jobs, non contactable owners, waiting for parts, top end jobs becoming full engine rebuilds, everything youtouch turning into another drama, etc.

The fact that I'm booked up until Tuesday, July 17 gets overwhelming too.  I know it's bad form to complain about such things, but it also means that if I decide right now to give myself more wriggle room, it won't have any effect for 2 1/2 months.  But I can't think of any other way of organising the work to make it easier for me without pissing customers off any more than it is already.


Ducati 100% Oro Nero said...

Hi Brad, Peter here (SP2 boy)I know the feeling...hang in there! All the best!

jrh001 said...

Hi Brad, it's Tuesday 17 July so you should be free now. Best wishes.