Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mounting pod filters on a Ducati 4V intake

Some time ago I tuned an 888 fitted with a hot 955cc SP5 style motor.  One of the changes was some throttle bodies bored to 54mm.  Amongst other agro, I found the air filter was sitting on the (oversized carbon) horizontal cylinder inlet trumpet.  So I suggested to the owner that maybe fitting some pod filters over the trumpets could be a good idea.

To mount the trumpets I used some muffler end caps sourced from a local exhaust manufacturer.  These had (from memory) an ID of around 58mm and an OD of 100, over which I fitted some K&N RC-5057 filters.  Actually, now that I look at the photos, maybe the OD was smaller and I fitted some aluminium tube to bring the OD up to 100mm.  I forget now.

Photos below show the fitment.  I cut the front out of the airbox, so from the sides it look std.  Due to further agro with the 54mm throttle bodies it ended up having std SP5 throttle bodies fitted, so the whole exercise was a little moot in the end.  Not sure if it helped or not.

But the main reason I'm posting photos is for a fellow on the Monster forum, who want's to put pods on an S4 Monster.  I would always recommend keeping the trumpets in this instance.  Removing the trumpets and fitting pods direct to the throttle bodies never seems to work well.

The reason there is a space under the trumpet mount above the throttle body is that the 888 airbox is held on by sitting between the trumpet and the throttle bodies, unlike the later bikes where the trumpets twist and lock into the throttle bodies and the airbox is frame mounted.

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