Friday, May 30, 2014

TPS for Keihin FCR

Chris at Cosentino Engineering has been making a TPS mounting kit to suit the Keihin FCR carbs when fitted to the KTMs he plays with, which have a TPS fitted as std I believe.  See here for all his bits: Cosentino Engineering

I had Chris send me a kit to see how it would fit to the FCR in the SS and Monsters.  The Ducati FCR fitment is a "racked" pair of carbs, as opposed to the two single carbs the KTM has.  But the TPS fit is much the same.  Although I believe Chris is having some brackets anodised red instead of the usual orange to appease those who like that sort of thing.

The TPS itself is a KTM part and very affordable in the grand scheme of things.  And while I don't have a source for the 3 pin rounded triangular style connector on the end of it (haven't bothered to look, frankly), I do have a very functional set of wire cutters.

One change required to the Ducati FCR set is the accelerator pump arm.  The original flat arm will foul the little nipple that fixes to the end of the throttle shaft, not allowing the throttle to fully close.  Replacing it with a round wire arm (a GSXR part from the FCR diagrams) fixes this issue, and it's not very expensive.  You can see the round wire arm in the following photos.

Some may be wondering why you would want to fit a TPS, and the answer is in combination with a 3D programmable ignition system, like the Ignitech, you can have a spark map with the benefits to fuel economy and response that this gives.  Liam at Fast Bike Gear in New Zealand has written a great expanded Ignitech user guide which includes info on doing this.

 Fitted to Minnie the Monster it looks like below.  Plenty of clearance to the frame and everything else.  The photos are a bit fuzzy, so I apologise for that.  Maybe my lens is dirty.

Fitted to the 400SS, you can see the boss on the inside of the frame that holds the upper fairing mount on a half faired bike.  The mount bracket goes out to the rear, so away from the TPS, but it may need trimming and a shallow head screw.  I was too lazy to try refitting mine to actually check.  The wiring you can see hanging usually runs above the boss, and it was definitely in the way.  This bike is a '93 model, with the battery reversed as compared to the later models, so that may impact how annoying this cable actually is.


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