Friday, July 11, 2014

GSXR fork cartridges in 41mm Showa adjustable forks

Along the lines of the SC1000 post below, there have been quite a few threads on fitting GSXR 600/750 fork cartridges to the Showa 41mm adjustable forks from the 851, 888, 900SS and M900.  So at risk of driving up the prices of s/h GSXR 750 forks, here's a couple of links.  Appears to be a very good mod, and pretty much drop in* to these forks.

* as long as you aren't too precious about the whole "drop in" thing and can work around a few things to be sorted.

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Unknown said...

Even better, if i may be so bold, you can fit a complete suzuki gsxr 600/750 k6/k7 front end just by changing the two steering head bearings.

You get a light wheel, awesome brakes and smooooth forks.

Highly recommended. And there may be other bikes that are a straight swap but this is the one i did.