Sunday, March 20, 2016

Some different Danmoto mufflers

While cruising the Danmoto site one day I came across some Harley mufflers that I really liked the look of.  Plus they were very cheap (at least to buy, the adapting is where the money goes).  Available in a few variations, I chose the ones that I thought would look the best.  I tried to persuade them to make me some pipes to fit them to the Monster headers, as the muffler inlet is 45mm instead of the usual 50mm, but without any luck.  I found a local shop who bent some up, and after a couple of tries I got the angle right.

I haven't got to make any mount plates yet, the mounts welded to the mufflers are the same, but offset meaning one is higher than middle and the other lower in the orientation I've got them, and so will require two different mount plates.  On the Harley I think the mounts go to the bottom.  Dan did offer to take these back and make me a set with the mounts welded to the mufflers where ever I wanted them, but I haven't got that far yet.

Maybe they're a bit skinny for the Monster, but they'd probably look a lot better without the std footrest mounts.  Running them at the same angle as the lower footrest bar as shown below (about 30 degrees from horizontal) has them a fair way below the bracket.  The bottom of the plastic side cover is 40 degrees, and they look a little better at that angle.  Who knows where they'll end up.

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