Sunday, November 6, 2011

A dyno comparison

I took the chance last week to take Minnie to Dynobike to get a feel for how the new dyno compared to the old dyno. Filled with fresh fuel and running the Megacycle slip ons and ignition map loaded into the TCIP4 to replicate a previous run, the result surprised me and made me a little more pleased with some other things I'd run on this new dyno previously.

Dave thought there would be a 5% or so difference, but the graph below shows the two runs - blue is old Dynojet 200, red is Dynojet 250i. I exported the data into a spreadhseet and it's an average 13.2% difference - varying from 10% under 3,000 rpm to 15% in places. Given the Dynojet is an acceleration dyno the variation may vary with the specific power level of the bike being tested, but I don't have anything else at hand that was run on the old dyno to really know.


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