Saturday, April 28, 2012

Workshop stand for Aprilia, Ducati and MV Agusta - through the swingarm pivot

Chris at Anderson Stands made me one of his swingarm pivot stands some time ago that I thought I'd post a picture of.  Compared to his usual swingarm pivot stand mine has a foot on both sides, making it extra stable.  It's a great stand for Aprilia V990 models - RSV, RSVR, Tuono, Falco - as there's no other way to get the front up in the air on them easily.  You can't jack under the sump and you can't grab the frame easily.  With the bike on this stand you can pull the rear wheel down to the workbench and they sit there happily.

It's also a great stand for Ducati and MV models.  For (most of) the single sided swingarm Ducatis and the MV you unscrew the 20mm hex headed cap in the RH end of the swingarm pivot and poke the rod through.  This makes it very easy to play with the rear end, nice for the MVs when you have to pull the rear axle to check the swingarm pivot bearings.

You can also poke the sliding sleeves (it'll make sense if you have one) into the front or rear engine mount bosses on the frame to lift up the front or rear respectively easily too I've found.  Good for the SxR Monster models with the footrest hangers that screw into the ends of the swingarm pivot.

Photo below shows it in use on an MV Brutale.  Is very good.

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