Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Panigale on the dyno

I had a Panigale in on Friday morning to reflash the ecu using the Rexxer tool with a map to suit the QD exhaust system fitted.  A race bike from Adelaide on its way to Phillip Island, the reflash was to help fix an overly lean issue when running the QD system with the Termi kit ecu, and included turning most things off - lambda sensors, side stand switch, thermo fans, etc.

On the dyno in Adelaide the QD system had given an extra 20 or so hp through the midrange compared to the Termi kit, so it's a very effective piece of gear.  The look may upset some, but that's a personal thing and it has been designed to work first I assume.  For those accustomed to recent Termi systems it's shockingly small at 52mm od.  Oh the horror.  How can it possibly make any power with only a 52mm exhaust.

It went from me down to Dynobike for a run to check the mixture.  The curve is smoother than other Panigale dyno runs I have seen, much less top end orientated due to the removal of the midrange hole that seems to have plagued Ducati superbikes since the 999 full systems came along. 

Dyno chart

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GrahamB said...

It's ugly.... but then I've never understood why Ducati engines needed drain-pipe exhausts. Leo Vince at least think 54mm tapering to 57 is enough: