Friday, July 5, 2019

Ducati 2V valve clearance, timing belt and cam timing videos

Mike Wallis, who does my website, also does video production and runs a Youtube channel called Mike's Machines, so he came in one Saturday and we shot some footage of me banging on while doing a 2V valve clearance adjustment.  Videos here:


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Abe said...


Thanks for this! Based on your tips, I used an 8mil allen key to lock the closing rocker in place. This made the process of swapping closer shims a delight.

One of steps that I was not able to repeat was the part, where you rotate the cam pulley for drag.
On my motor, the cam pulley doesn't move as freely as yours does. There is a portion where moves freely and after that I encounter resistance.

Do you move both the opening rockers aside for this? On mine I am not able to do that.