Thursday, October 4, 2012

Modified airbox to carb rubbers for 2V carb Ducati models

For the background on these dyno runs, see the first page of this post on the Monster forum and the photos about half way down the page.  Basically the rubbers from airbox into carb are cut off at the airbox level and the inlet radiused.  This shortens the inlet tract by 20mm.  The thread starter is a local fellow named Tony who is quite an accomplished fiddler and handy tuner.

Tony traded me some shortened rubbers for some more original ones for him to modify and I took the chance today (not being at work and all) to take a trip to the dyno and try them out.  Graph below.  Not really much of an improvement, but it's on the better side of the same so I'd say it's a valid theory.  Whether or not it works better with FCR instead of the Mikunis I don't know.  Red is short, blue std.


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