Friday, October 26, 2012

New Bike!

Well, I say it like I'm all excited.  I've actually had it for two weeks and haven't really done anything to it, apart from wonder why I thought it was a good idea.

I have spent some time on Ebay buying bits though.  Maybe that's where the enthusiasm has gone.  Sucked away like the money from my Paypal account buying another fuel tank to replace the prevously repaired and still weeping original one that has an interior full of nasty.  And a standard muffler.  When, oh when are people going to realise that standard parts are worth keeping.

Realistically, had the fuel tank repair and condition been listed in the Ebay ad I'd probably have steered clear in the first place.  As ever, there's always a reason why things are cheap.  At least the frame's not cracked.

Which reminds me, I haven't said what it is yet.  An SS.  All 400 badass, ball tearing cc of it.  A 1993 model, it's actually one of a few genuine Australian import SS Juniors.  With 85,000km on the clock it's done its share of work, but hopefully it'll stand up to some riding, and no doubt some dyno runs.

1993 means gold frame and black wheels (unless it's a 900SL or 888SP5, of which it is definitely neither).  I dislike black wheels with some passion, especially on 1993 model Ducatis.  The 1994 bikes with the gold wheels just look so much better to me.

Unfortunately, 1993 also means 17mm front axle.  I was thinking I could just pull the wheels and slot them into Minne, who as a 1997 model has gold wheels.  But as a 1997 model she also has a 20mm front axle, and the two are completely incompatible.  And swapping the speedo drive with the front wheel won't help either (forks are the same axle hole wise) as the SS and Monster speedos require different drive ratios.

As to intent, well, permission for the purchase was provided on the notion that I could turn it over and make some money.  Which, if history is any guide, is something I am simply not capable of when it comes to motorcycles.  My thoughts have turned to maybe selling Minnie instead, although to do that and have it be worthwhile Minnie needs to be LAMS again, which means fitting a 600cc engine.

Or an engine inside some 600 cases, using the 750 crank currently inside the engine in her, 620 pistons, 750 heads machined to fit, etc.  As if i have time to do that.  And it's not exactly in the spirit of the LAMS law either.

Of course that leaves the left overs and other parts on hand to make an 827cc small block.

A photo of it about to come off the trailer.  Only one I've taken so far.  So my first 'new' bike in 8 or more years isn't really filling me with enthusiasm it seems.


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