Thursday, February 21, 2013

888SP4 vs 748/853 Dyno chart

Today I ran an 888SP4 on the dyno, the first of the old school hotties I've run on the new Dynobike dyno.  The runs I had on the old dyno, compared to my 888, showed that the SP motors (pre SP5 anyway) really weren't anything flash power wise.  So I compared today's bike with the 853 kitted 748's I've done recently.  They've been 748 with 853 kits, modified combustion chambers and std ports.  Pretty basic.  Blue is 888SP4 with 98/102 cam timing and an eprom sort of to suit ("in progress" runs) and red is 748/853 with 111/108 cam timing and eprom to suit. 

There is the possibility that the 748's more powerful 1.6M ecu (with offset mapping for cylinder 2) allows it a little more power compared to the P7 running the 888 which only has one map for both cylinders.  Plus the 748/853 will have more compression.  And slightly smaller ports, which seem to work nicely at this capacity.

The 748/853 is certainly a nicer engine to ride, but 36 degrees less cam duration will do that.

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